Wine of the Day: Quinta da MURATA Rose

Wine of the Day: Quinta da MURATA
Manual harvest is handled in small case of 25kg at the best maturation period, and in the less exposed to the sun’s vineyard plot, for best freshness, sugar, and aromas content, followed by a delicate sorting of the grapes avoiding rotten or green ones, then by a gentle destalking and crushing. Light, fresh and fine bubbles, intense rose color and flavors conjugated of abundant fresh fruit and note of the stage. Body well balanced and great elegance. Wine of fest, ideal for cocktail and fine dessert.

A little history of Quinta da MURATA: Bucelas, called the prince of Portuguese wine, is the most famous dry white wine of Portugal, where Arinto variety of grapes has been cultivated and developed by the Romans for more than 2000 years. Portuguese sailors of the ship S. Gabriel celebrated their return to Portugal after having discovered the sea route to the Indies by enjoying Bucelas wine. During Shakespeare time, Bucelas wine became very popular with the British royal court as well throughout England. The wine called ”charneco”, named after a small village in Bucelas, is mentioned in Sharkespeare’s Henry the VI play, part 2, writen in 1594.

The vineyards are all planted on high slope, south and south-east exposition, at 250 meters altitude, protected from Atlantic westerlies winds by a ridge of hills. The area enjoys a very specific micro climate, relatively cool and humid in winter and during the nights, warm and dry during summer. All contribute to a perfect grape ripening but keeping the freshness of the Atlantic ocean.


Murta Rose
Murta Rose

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