Wine of The Day: Standing Stone Vineyards 2013 Riesling Ice Wine

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Wine of The Day: Standing Stone Vineyards 2013 Riesling Ice Wine

Standing Stone Vineyards has an old school look about it – farmhouse and all – but Marti and Tom Macinski founded the business in 1991. Marti is the winemaker, assisted by Jess Johnson.

The vineyards were planted in the early 1970s, and a notable block features a planting of Saperavi, an old vinifera grape that makes a dark red wine.

The 2013 Riesling Ice Wine is one of four dessert wines they make – they also sweeten up Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer and Vidal grapes. They are not true ice wines, in that the grapes are not harvested frozen but frozen after picking late in the season.

Production is limited, at just 198 cases. The wine has an incredible 20% residual sugar and shows 12.4% abv on the alcohol side.

This is one beautiful wine, the color of a very rich apple juice or bourbon. The aromas are just as beautiful, with apricots, pears and tart apples bursting from the glass. The palate follows suit, with the apple flavor showing a little stronger and some peaches thrown into the mix. The acidity is delightfully zippy, but the mouthfeel is oily and viscous. This wine is fresh and clean and makes a great summer, light dessert wine.

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