Sake of the Day: Aoki Shuzo, Kakurei Daiginjo (NV)

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We are excited to introduce sake and are hosting an introduction to Sake Seminar with Sake specialist Haruka Black on August, 20th. For more information, click here.

This Aoki Shuzo has aromatic, slightly floral, full bodied, hints of pear & apple. Clean finish. Aoki brewery, located on Bokushi Lane, was founded in 1717. It’s wooden sign was made by famous Edo-period carver Gentaro Kumagi. 12th generation president Aoki aims for a strong stamp of savor, in contrast to the light brisk taste typical of Niigata sake. Great pairs with white fish, raw or lightly cooked. Oysters – creamy oysters, raw or steamed. This sake with presented during the seminar.

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